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International Ties in Research

Promoting international exchanges in the research field is one of Paris-Sorbonne’s priorities. The international scope of its research activities, as well as its excellent reputation are widely recognized :

  • Several research teams collaborate with foreign teams,
  • Some of Paris-Sorbonne’s researchers are leading members of a number of archeological digs abroad,
  • Foreign teachers and researchers visit Paris-Sorbonne regularly,
  • The PUPS publications (The Paris-Sorbonne University Press) include many foreign contributions.

Student mobility is one of Paris-Sorbonne’s priorities. Students are able to complete part of their cursus at a foreign university. To help foreign students studying at Paris-Sorbonne, the university offers tutoring catered to the study needs of individuals studying in a foreign language. The university also plans on improving the logistics of student housing exchanges to make them easier for students.

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