Research policy is based on the combination of three major fields:

  • Courses in Literature and Humanities Studies (from the age of Antiquity up to recent decades),
  • Languages and Civilizations,
  • The application of IT methods to Humanities Studies, including Language Sciences.
  • Going beyond the divisions of the chronological and traditional themes between the courses and sub-courses is necessary. This can be done by implementing multidisciplinary interfaces where they are needed for methodological reasons. Thus, Modern and Contemporary History on the one hand, and Ancient History and the Medieval Ages on the other hand, are both taught within a joint PhD school ("École doctorale").

    The creation of the “Metaphysics” team, which was carried out in parallel with research conducted by Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy historians, also shows Paris-Sorbonne’s readiness to diversify its courses. Exchanges between concepts and languages are developing in Linguistics, Philosophy, Musicology, IT and Communication, as well as IT and Mathematics Applied to Humanities Studies.

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