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Paris-Sorbonne libraries

The integrated library service of the University (SCD, "Service Commun de la Documentation"), in charge of running and coordinating the University’s documentation policy, offers numerous facilities to students and faculty:

  • a wide range of printed and online documents. It covers all fields in Literature and Humanities Studies, and it contains
    470 000 books
    1 100 current periodicals, half of them being in foreign languages
    10 000 music scores
    4 000 maps and 800 audiovisual documents
    via the E- Library ("Bibliothèque Electronique"), more than 150 e-resources to which the university subscribes (bibliographies, periodicals, corpora, monograph and joint collections), accessible from the Library webpages and also from the staff and student gateway.
  • services corresponding to users’ areas of study in each of the 5 libraries located in the affiliated centres : Malesherbes, Clignancourt-Championnet, Michelet-Institut d’Art et d’Archéologie, Serpente-Maison de la Recherche, Institut des Etudes Ibériques.

Apart from the central “SCD”, the University’s library network also includes

  • more than twenty specialized libraries, located in the individual departments (‘’UFRs’’) and research centres.
  • the college libraries of CELSA in Neuilly-sur-Seine and the IUFM of the Académie de Paris in Molitor and Batignolles.

Most of the content of these libraries is listed in the national union catalogue of the French higher education libraries (Sudoc).